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Scott and Bozena!Bozena grew up in Poland in humble surroundings.  Her dream was to come to America for a better life.  With the help of her American cousin, Joe Novick, she moved to Minnesota at age 20.  Scott worked in the radio business for 8 years--seven days a week with no time off for family.  In 1981, we dreamed of a lifestyle with more freedom, so we started our own in-home business -- Team One!   Today, we've achieved many of our dreams, and now we want to help YOU experience your own freedom and fulfillment.

What we're most excited about is our partnership with XanGo International ... the fastest-growing company in the wellness industry!  In 8 years, XanGo reached over $3 billion in total sales...faster than any other company!  The original XanGo Juice changed the lives of millions of people.  Then came Glimpse--"green and clean" intuitive skin care.  Then, "Eleviv"-- the 100% natural solution for "tired, stressed, or depressed". Feel great again!  Then, FAVAO weight management system--a total lifestyle reset!

MBX Logo!After launching a global business movement MB30 -- "Millionaire by 30" in 2013, XanGo just expanded and relaunched it as "MBX -- Millennials Building XanGo!"  Several millionaires are working together with entrepreneurial Millennials...teaching them how to brand themselves and achieve huge success with the new way to work by sharing the exciting news about 3 very healthy energy and fitness drinks!   It's a new way to achieve personal freedom with high energy and passion!   MBX Rocks!

The "Ageless" anti-aging drink was launched in 2014 to help slow aging at the cellular / DNA level.

In September 2015, XanGo's "Second Wave" of growth began with the biggest product launch in XanGo's history!  Introducing "Aeris"-- from the Latin word air.  It successfully address the 5 major causes of aging...from the outside in and the inside out.   And, it's totally green and clean!

Watch the "Aeris" video!   Aeris Pack!

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XanGo created 140 millionaires in their first 13 years...and, they're just getting started!

We offer an exciting new way to work in our "connected" world!  We are "connectors" -- sharing life-changing ideas and connections with people who will show you how to go for your dreams!

Come in, dust off your dreams,. and magine the lifestyle you've dreamed of -- with more money, travel, more time with family, personal freedom, and more energy, plus the joy of helping others. Come into our world. "It's safe to dream again!
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